News Flashes
Complete 18 Mbps, 5.8 GHz Wireless Ethernet Link for $2,785
Complete 5.8 GHz,T1/E1 link for $8,500
Wireless IP Router for Multipoint Internet Access
11 MBPs Ethernet Link 
Proxim Announces 802.11a for Harmony. A 5 GHz, 54/100 mbps Wireless LAN 
New Product Provides Voice over IP
Two Voice Over IP Channels for less than $2,000
Low cost, 9.6 kbps Transceiver for links in excess of 12 miles.Stand alone unit for $345
Licensed 23 GHz  Microwave Ethernet Radio with transparent wireless Swithcing/Bridging
    fSONA Optical Wireless 155 mbps Link for $18,000