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23 GHz Microwave Radio Systems

The NT23-1 LAN, NT23-2 LAN, and NT23-3 T1/E1 are a series of low cost, wide-band, full duplex, 23 GHz radios providing short haul transmission of analog signals, or any digitized multiplexed format up to 20 Mbps.

The Model NT23-1 LAN Microwave Radio System is a low cost, high bandwidth, radio system capable of transporting full bandwidth LAN traffic up to 3 miles. The Model NT23-2 LAN Microwave Radio System is a low cost, high bandwidth, radio system capable of transporting full bandwidth LAN traffic up to 10 miles with the appropriate antennas.

The NT23-1 LAN-HD and the NT23-2 LAN-HD radios offers full point to point 10 Mbps Ethernet extension. The indoor LAN transceiver units support all 802.3 portocols and includes AUI connections to network devices and BNC connections to the microwave unit. No on-site programming is required and no additional test equipment is needed. Both radios also provide point to point connections for hubs, bridges, routers and repeaters allowing full 10 Mbps ethernet connectivity. The NT23-1 LAN-FD and NT23-2 LAN-FD support full duplex operation (20 Mbps) allowing connection to full duplex devices such as ethernet switches and adapters. Multiplexed T1 access is also available for telephony and multimedia applications. Both radios are designed for rapid installation and alignment without special tools or test equipment. Rugged modular design for ease of service and field support for years of trouble free operation in harsh weather conditions.

The Model NT23-3 T1/E1 radio is the ideal choice for point to point, T1 or CEPT1 short distance transmission of data or voice communications. The system consists of a modular RF unit which is housed in a weather-resistant outdoor enclosure designed to operate under a wide range of humidity and temperature conditions. An integral 2 ft. diameter antenna is standard and optional sizes are available. The data interface unit is provided for either T1 or E1 connections.

The Model NT23-3 T1/E1 is one of a complete line of microwave radios for low capacity transmission applications for data, voice, and video.

The NT23-3 T1/E1 Radio is ideal for:

The NT23-3 T1/E1's unique low power consumption and simple configuration makes the NT23-3 an ideal choice for private data or voice networks in all regions of the world. The Model NT23-3 T1/E1 provides a reliable, economical communication alternative to cables, wires, or leased telco lines.

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