Nutel Wireless Manufactured Products

Reliable Point to Point Wireless Communication Radios and FDM Multiplex.

Licensed Model 8000 Radio extends multiple Voice or Modem Data Lines up to 100 miles.


A single, Model 8000 Radio ,can extend up to 36 individual voice or data modem lines when used in conjuction with the 9500 Multiplex. The radio is a compact modular design, operates from 790 MHz to 2500 MHz, and has four bandwidth options.

The Skytrax, 9500 DTL Multiplex is a synthesized, Field Programmable unit with 9.6 - 57.6 kbps Data capability


Licensed 23 GHz Short Haul Microwave Radio

The NT23 is a series of radios for Ethernet LAN, and T1/E1 wireless extension. The NT23-1, NT23-2, and the NT23-3 T1/E1 are low cost, wide band, full duplex, 23 GHz radios providing short haul transmission of analog signals, or any digitized multiplexed format up to 20 Mbps.