Voice/Fax Over IP Gateways


Cost-effective long distance voice/fax communication

PSTN voice quality over the Internet/Intranet

Turnkey voice-over-IP solution

No end-user training required
  The MultiVOIP voice over IP gateways provide predictable, real-time, toll-quality voice and fax communication over your existing IP data network or the Internet. These turnkey solutions are ideal for companies that want to save money on long distance interoffice voice and fax communication.

Voice and Fax Communication Over the Internet for Companies Looking to Reduce Interoffice Long Distance Costs

Up to eight voice/fax ports for communication over an existing IP network or the Internet

Compatible with 10BaseT Ethernet LANs, routers, and WANs without any changes to existing infrastructure

G.723 provides maximum voice compression to 5.3K bps, which with IP overhead amounts to only 12-13K bps per call

Support for any fax device

Voice prioritization over IP using industry-standard Differentiated Services (DiffServ)

No integration with a server or desktop PC required

ITU G.165/G.168 Adaptive Echo Cancellation, forward error correction, bad frame interpolation, and low latency for clearer and more accurate voice communication

FXS, FXO, and E&M connectors on each port for direct connection to phones, key telephones, fax machines, PBX extensions, or PBX trunks

Dial, busy, fast busy, and ringback tones

Local or remote configuration and management with a web browser, Windows® 95/98/Windows NT® software, tftp, telnet or SNMP

Live reporting, usage tracking, call history, voice quality statistics, and other management tools

Advanced security and password authentication designed to restrict outside access

Two-year warranty

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Easy to Use.  Just connect the voice/fax equipment and LAN to the MultiVOIP, and then map phone numbers to Mac and IP addresses. Users can begin making calls in no time with their ordinary phones without training.

Cost-Effective. By routing calls over the Internet or any IP network, the MultiVOIP can reduce or eliminate long distance interoffice phone/fax charges. And since it requires no integration with a server or phone system and works with routed or Multi-Tech ProxyServer connections, you avoid the need for costly networking or phone system expertise.

No Single Point of Failure. A MultiVOIP network is more reliable than "gatekeeper" architectures. Calls are centrally processed with a gatekeeper. If the gatekeeper goes down, the entire VOIP network loses service. If, however, one MultiVOIP on a network goes offline, the other sites are not affected.

Voice Quality Standards. The MultiVOIP supports DiffServ QoS to help provide consistent voice quality. When network traffic is at peak levels, voice can be given priority over data. To compare the voice quality of a VOIP product, ITU PSQM P.861 provides the measurement standard. When tested by an independent reviewer, the MultiVOIP rivaled PSTN quality.

Application Options. The MultiVOIP accommodates changing communication needs by providing FXS, FXO, and E&M connections for each port.

Number of Ports: 2, 4, or 8 (E&M, FXO, or FXS)
Format: Analog voice or V.17/Group 3 fax
E&M Interface: PBX E&M trunk; 2- or 4-wire
E&M Signal Types: I, II/IV, III & V
FXO Interface: PBX station; loop start, 2-wire
FXS Interface: KTS, telephone set, or fax; ground & loop start
Signaling Format: AC is DTMF; DC is pulsed
Connectors: 1 RJ-48 (E&M); 2 RJ-11s (FXO & FXS) per port

LAN Port
Interface: 10BaseT
Format: Ethernet/Ethernet II or SNAP

Command Port
Interface: RS-232C/D; RJ-45 on 2-Port model (RJ-45 to DB25 cable included); DB25 on 4- and 8-port models
Speed & Format: 19.2K bps asynchronous

SNMP management; flash upgradeable

115v AC or 240v AC (optional), 50/60 Hz

Physical Description
2-Port Model:
6.2" w × 1.4" h × 9.0" d; 2 lbs
15.8 cm × 3.6 cm × 22.9 cm; 0.92 kg
4- & 8-Port Models:
17.4" w × 3.8" h × 8" d; 7.4 lbs
44.2 cm × 9.5 cm × 20.3 cm; 3.4 kg

FCC Part 15 & 68; UL 1950; IC; CE Mark

Ordering Information
Model Description
MVP200  2-Port VOIP Gateway 
MVP400  4-Port VOIP Gateway 
MVP800  8-Port VOIP Gateway 
MVP4-8  4-Port Expansion Card   

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